Friends In War

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Friends In War.

Hello, and welcome to the Friends In War new and first ever website! If this is your first visit and you are not a member of Friends In War, We are a very laid back clan that just like to have fun! we platoon as much as we can, there is no tier required to join, we like to help others out when ever we can. the only rules there are is that you must have teamspeak 3. Also as the age limit of world of tanks is 15 year of age to play (legaly) you must be the age of 15 and up in order to join Friends In War.

TeamSpeak 3

Hello! as we all know, as i said above, One of the requirements to join Friends In War are fairly basic. In order to join, you MUST and i mean must have teamspeak 3 We can not stress this rule enough, we are a clan that likes to have fun, have a load of laughs and play together! but in order to do that, and grow as a clan we must communicate we love to win and in order to win we need communication. The link to download TeamSpeak 3 is below

TeamSpeak 3 Download.